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ESProc Advisory & Training

Over 40 years of procurement  expertise in international procurement projects in Aviation and Technical environments.

The challenges in an ever-changing environment such as the Aviation industry demand the ability to deal with new complexities in relation to your suppliers. Not only to avoid shortages but also to address and organize solutions to your logistic, contractual and design change issues.

ESProc Advisory & Training stands for experience with the afore mentioned, as well as clear agreements, a high service level, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

After a brief analysis of the supporting process, a proposition-focus will be presented with clear deliverables. The involvement of the company business controller in the end result, guarantees the required business recognition.

ESProc Advisory & Training distinguishes itself specifically by its ongoing curiosity towards the technical qualities of a product and their translation to the added value and savings potential of a company.

The core deliverables are:
Procurement advice, interim procurement support and training.

Procurement Advice

As a result of a historical rapid growth, many companies gave their attention primarily to their Sales department whilst the Procurement department’s prime focus was foremost to keep up with production.

Typical to this situation and the recent developments surrounding Covid-19 is the cocooning of specialisms and leaving processes that are no longer linked to each other.

A smooth procurement process with motivated buyers delivers a significant share to mitigation of a company’s risk exposure and every dollar saved is a direct contribution to its net profit.

A return on investment in procurement often pays for itself in that same year.

For years now, I have enjoyed executing and contributing to company procurement strategies and providing recommendations towards a more effective and efficient procurement process through activities such as:

a. Determination of the existing maturity-phase of the company procurement department & next steps
b. The implementation of process changes
c. Standardization
d. Translating technical specifications to a tender setup
e. Development of product portfolios and strategies
f. Brainstorming on market solutions for technical complications
g. Provision of Legal support
h. Situational procurement advice
i. The setup of claim processes
j. Procurement interaction
k. Advice on practical Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Eric Schotvanger
Strategic Procurement Professional

> 120


> 40 YEARS






Training & Coaching

ESProc Advisory & Training provides unique interactive training based on proven methods. This process always starts with a free-of-charge intake meeting to determine the exact training requirement, followed by a draft training proposal.

A brief summary of the possibilities:
•Preparation/ planning
•Negotiation training
•Do’s and Don’ts
•The (contractual) elements
•Working solitary or in a team
•International negotiations & Business etiquettes
•Politics & hierarchy
•Argumentative techniques

•Small teams
•Specific day-to-day issues
•Portfolio buildup
•Supplier Relationship Management

Interim Procurement SOLUTIONS

Operational, Tactical and Strategic support with issues such as:

a. Temporary staff issues
b. Contractual deadlines
c. Complex negotiations
d. Execution of procurement projects
e. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
f. Any other interim or ad hoc customer needs