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ESProc Advisory & Training

With over four decades of experience in procurement, specializing in International Aviation and industrial procurement projects, we possess extensive expertise.

The dynamic nature of present industries necessitates adeptness in managing evolving complexities with suppliers. This involves not only preventing shortages but also effectively navigating logistical, contractual, and design change challenges.

ESPROC Advisory and Training stands out through its continuous exploration of the technical attributes of products and their translation into the enhanced value and cost-saving potential for businesses.

Our primary offerings include Procurement Advice, Interim Procurement Support, and Training services.

Procurement Advice

Due to historical rapid growth, many companies prioritized their sales departments, while procurement focused primarily on meeting production demands.

This situation, compounded by events like COVID-19, often leads to siloed specializations and disjointed processes. A streamlined procurement process, driven by motivated buyers, plays a crucial role in mitigating a company’s risk exposure.

Each dollar/euro saved directly contributes to net profit, making procurement a valuable investment that often pays for itself within the same fiscal year.

Throughout my career, I’ve taken pleasure in executing company procurement strategies and enhancing processes for greater efficiency. This includes:

1. assessing the maturity of the procurement department;
2. implementing process improvements;
3. standardization;
4. translating technical specifications into tender setups;
5. developing product portfolios and strategies;
6. brainstorming solutions for technical challenges;
7. offering legal support, providing situational procurement advice;
8. establishing claim processes;
9. facilitating procurement interactions, and;
10. advising on practical supply relationship management (SRM).

Eric Schotvanger
Strategic Procurement Professional

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> 40 YEARS






Interim Procurement SUPPORT

ESPROC Advisory and Training offers comprehensive support across operational, tactical, and strategic levels, addressing a range of issues including:

a. temporary staffing challenges;
b. contractual deadlines;
c. complex negotiations;
d. procurement project execution;
e. supplier relationship management, and;
f. any other interim or ad-hoc customer requirements.

Training & Coaching

ESPROC Advisory and Training offers tailored and engaging training sessions, beginning with a complimentary intake meeting to pinpoint specific training needs, followed by a customized training proposal.

Our training covers a wide range of topics, including preparation/planning, negotiation skills, best practices, contractual elements, teamwork dynamics, international negotiations, business etiquette, navigating politics and hierarchies, and argumentative techniques.

In addition to training, we provide coaching services tailored to small teams, addressing day-to-day challenges, assisting with portfolio development, and enhancing supplier relationship management skills.